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Working on my dreams!

New month... Should post!

New month... Should post!

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Been a while!  My subconscious is obviously chomping to get in touch with people because I've been having non-stop dreams about people I seldom see.  Last night I had a dream that I was attending a play  based on GW.  It was an 'existential analysis of the themes presented by Gundam Wing".  At least that's what the play program said it was.  Why, gods, why?

But the other day, I had another dream that Jori was hosting a OAF party on Jurassic Park and Q was the pilot flying us there.  For some reason, I couldn't stop taking to her while she was flying and she would wave her arms while she talked and the helicopter kept swaying.  We never made it to the island, but Kender, was singing the Oscar Meyer Weiner song with Ang... for the entire dream!  

Anyways, besides strange dreams, things are going well.  New job is hard and often frustrating, but hopefully I'll get a handle on it soon!  Chibichibi is doing much, much better.  We're no longer tettering on the edge of biting each other constantly.  The pup is doing well.  He's very fond of chewing papers, so I fully expect one day to come home and have our library reduced to shreadings.  

I saw Pan's Labyrinth and like it, in that "It's beautiful, but very, very uncomfortable and depressing" way.  I loved the character designs and would be interested in digging into Spanish folklore to see if there is a child eating monster that parents terrify their children with or if fauns were good or evil creatures.  Hmmm...

I can't wait until 300 comes out.  I think this year's going to be a great movie in regard to movies.  The more trailers I see of the Transformer's movie, the less frightened I am that it's going to turn into a Pearl Harbor. 

Writing- YnM-T&T
Last Movie in theaters- Pan's Labyrinth Last CD listened to- Awake- Josh Groban
Last Book- The Stolen Child- months ago! *Sniff*
Plans for the Weekend- write, play with Roxes, build a fire, and pretty much not leave the house.

  • But!

    If I WERE and Oscar Meyer Weiner, would everyone REALLY be in love with me?

    Glad to hear from you! *snoodles*
  • *falls over giggling madly* I want a JP party! That would totally rock! *bounces around madly*

    Gah, I'm going to be 35 in two more days. *faints* And married 8 years in three. How did this happen again? LOL
  • You know, I wondered about the kid-eater myself. My mum seemed to recognize him - she called him the "pale man" or something to that effect - but I forgot to ask about it. I'll make a point of it and let you know. ^_~

    And as for the singing - sorry if it was annoying. Even in dreams, I want to be courteous. But it's nice to be dreamt about.

    I miss you! ::huggles and snuggles::
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