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Working on my dreams!



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So... Spent the last 4 days playing games! *Happy Dance*

Got up at the crack of dawn and bought Matt's 360, Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect. We set it up and played Rockband for most of Saturday and Umbrella Chronicles on Saturday. Then watched DeathNote on Sunday. It pretty much was a perfect weekend! Matt's now on a Rogue Galaxy binge, which isn't bad (If the character could stop saying stupid things!!)

Tomorrow we have Open Enrollment at work. *Sigh* I love my job. I'm glad my boss is cool otherwise all of this would suck!
  • How is Assassin's Creed? I have that and Call of Duty on my Christmas list. I'm sure Amanda will get me one or both. ^_^ I figured I'd zip through Assassin's Creed and then buy Mass Effect since that one will take a while. Besides, I'm still playing through Two Worlds.
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