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Working on my dreams!

Weddings and other happinesses!!!

Weddings and other happinesses!!!

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Got to see the beloved OAFers yesterday!!! Chibichan and i MUST host a gathering in the next few weeks... I have to show off the puppy and hook (and in turn get hooked) on everything new in anime, manga, tv, and life in general!!! Plus, it would be a reason to actually go to the Akron Zoo that's only 5 minutes from our house!

The Wedding was beautiful! I know Chibichan's had a good affect on me when I started sniffling during the ceremony! Duochan and John make such a cute/strong couple... Kind of like Kenshin looking so cute and fragile with the big eyes, but totally kicking with the narrow eyes!

Anyways, loves!
  • ::wail:: I wanna see you more!!


    Puppy, zoo, you, Matt? What's to keep me away?
  • Unless you pick the 31st, I will so be there! (I already accepted a dinner engagement in Lima that night with people who know where I live and will murder me in my sleep if I don't show, they've been trying to get me to their home for two years, but LIma creeps me out). I miss Neko-Meph. *Sniffles*

    It was so wonderful to see you again! *Huggles Meph and Chibi* That wedding was a blast. And none of us got lost in the way to the reception! (I wonder if they chose based on your and my histories? LOL)
  • Yes, we simply must get together! Your people totally have to call my people, darling! *cheekkiss*

    • *RingRing*

      Mmmmm. Kender's people? Is it possible that the Kender might be available on June 21 for a bit of Zoo-ing and Pepsi thieving?

      • Re: *RingRing*

        Hmm... Kender doesn't have anything on her calender for then, so we think it may be doable. XD

    • Re: *RingRing*

      Sorry I'm a bit late but I finally wandered back onto LJ!! The wedding stopped eating my soul! ^_^;

      John & I are free on the 21st too... and we've never been to the akron zoo!
    • Re: *RingRing*

      This will be very much fun!

      Matt also giggled at Do!
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