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Working on my dreams!

So Close!!!

So Close!!!

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Count down is on for the weekend Yay!!

Kender- I was cleaning our shelves (which actually turned into me just reading, with very little cleaning actually getting down) and I found your Dragonlance books! If you come, we'll return them to you!! *Evil cackle*

Off to the Curious Village with Prof. Layton and Luke!
  • How is Professor Layton? I've been thinking about getting that game.
    • I love it! I really like logic puzzles. The story isn't bad and I don't mind the music. What sold me on it was the weekly downloadable puzzles. I think it was a brillant move to design the game so that it keeps adding more stuff!
  • LOL. If the dern things weren't hardbacks, I wouldn't want them. They really butchered the characters in that trilogy. e_e

    But, I will came, and grab them anyway. (and grab you while I'm at it, hur hur) XD
    • We're just happy that you're coming to visit!! If the books didn't get you here, we would have held Q and Ang until you came to their rescue!
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